All-purpose frame wall plug Apollo

All-purpose frame wall plug Apollo KB

Užduoti klausimą apie šį produktą


  • In cellular concrete P2 just hammer in and tighten: quick and easy
  • Ideal for cellular concrete
  • Holds in almost all building materials
  • Metal tip enables high holding values
  • Directly usable due to pre-assembled screw


Building materials & Holding values

  • The anchoring depth of the wall plug must be observed
  • Drilling method and drill hole cleaning must be adapted to the building material
  • The recommended loads only apply to installation in the building material, not for installation in joints
  • Approved wall plugs must be used for fixings where safety is of importance (see also

Description & Area of Application

  • 3-way split spreader element with metal tip
  • Shaft with rotation locks
  • Wall plug is completely pre-assembled with galvanized hexagonal screw with SW13 driver

Processing & Installation

  • In cellular concrete P2 just hammer in without pre-drilling
  • After setting the Apollo KB, be sure to tighten the screw – in cellular concrete, optimum holding values after 6 turns of the screw
  • Drill into perforated brick and gypsum plasterboard without hammering in a rotary motion so that the webs in the perforated brick are not broken
  • In concrete and solid masonry through expansion
  • In perforated brick by spreading and tying
  • Behind gypsum plasterboard by tying
  • In cellular concrete (aerated concrete), a deep-set rear gripping (tying) is created
  • Through installation