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ST strip
Sealing with rubber strips offers numerous benefits.
They seal out moisture, cold, wind and noise.
Thanks to the closed cell structure they also
provide good thermal insulation and they are water
resistant. These sealing strips have good resistance
to settling and excellent ageing resistance.
The number of tubes, the placement on the film or
the width of the film can be adjusted to suit your
needs. You can have up to four tubes per strip and
the tubes can be 10 mm or 20 mm in diameter, for
more information contact us.
Trelleborg Sealing Profiles
Fitting the ST strip
The strip is fitted with the vapour barrier upwards.
This simplifies the fitting and adjustment of wall
sections as the foil has a low friction coefficient.
Rubber strips can be individually positioned on
vapour barrier to suit dimensions of wall studs.
Vapour barrier widths up to 500 mm provide a
barrier to moisture under the full thickness of
the wall and allow overlapping with plastic floor
Recommended when erecting pre-assembled modular
wall or roof sections and SIPS.

Product no. Width x Hight
tube mm
Colour Bundle
length m
Bundles in
Boxes on
484157908 100 x 10 10 Black / transp. 25 250 2 000
484157915* 500 x 10 10 Black / transp. 25 100 800
484157902 60 x 10 10 Black / transp. 25 400 3 200